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How to Iron Heat Transfer Labels onto Clothing?

Author: May

May. 14, 2024

If you want to personalize a handmade garment or label a backpack or hat, heat transfer labels offer an excellent and quick solution, but if the label is not applied correctly, it will not stay in place. Knowing and carefully following the correct application will ensure that the label will stand up to multiple washes and drying.
The special adhesives used on products activate when heated and bond to the material. Once dried or cooled, these fabric adhesives have amazing staying power, and the quick application makes them great labels for novices.




Prepare your material. Set up an ironing table, ironing board or other flat, protected surface such as a cloth or towel-lined table, then preheat the iron, choosing a medium to high temperature control.
Remove the liner from the label (if there is one).
Turn the garment or personal item over on the board and place the iron on the label on the garment.
Turn it over so that the heat is applied to the back of the iron on the label.
Place a small piece of cloth, handkerchief or parchment paper on the label.
Iron for 10 seconds with the iron, pressing firmly.
Check, then repeat steps five and six as many times as necessary to ensure a tight bond has been formed with the material.
Allow the label to cool completely and wait at least 24 hours before washing and drying.


Simple Tips

Ironing on labels without steam setting.
Always make sure that the garment or fabric item you want to iron on the label is completely clean and dry. Dirty or even wet fabrics will not bond properly to the adhesive.
Never use the steam setting on an iron on label; steam can hinder the application process.
After the label has cooled on the iron, try to peel it off with your fingernail. If the edges lift easily, your iron is not hot enough or requires more pressure and time to adhere.


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